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About Us

Northstar Host came into existence in 2000 as One Vermont ( which provided network installation and maintenance, website design and web hosting services. In 2003 Vermont Link of Hardwick, VT acquired

Today Northstar Host provides the best hosting values and continues to provide website design services through its parent company NEK Media (, whose clients include Trow and Holden in Barre, VT. and Kingdom Trails in Burke, Vt, to name just a few.

Our network specilists have been providing web hosting services and support for over 10 years and will work with you to make sure you get the features and services you need.

Northstar Host Support is available via Email, Gmail Chat, Voice Message and by using the "Live Help" application on the right side of this page. For support send email to or Google Chat You can also Phone 802-535-3944 or use the Live Chat at right.