Northstar Host Radio
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Radio Stations! Northstar Host makes it easy to get started! We can help you get your stream up and we even offer pre-configured streaming computers for as little as $495. We will set the streaming computer up for you, add your station information, test it on your new streaming server and ship the computer to you. When your computer arrives you simply provide an audio source for the computer, plug it into the computers sound input with the included cables, connect the computer to your network and turn it on! Your stream will be up in no time. If your an experienced streamer, simply point your encoder to your shoutcast server IP address, provide the password and your stream will be available to the world. Your streaming computer includes 6 months of streaming service at 96kbps with unlimited listeners and bandwidth. With streaming packages starting at just $5.95 for unlimited listeners and bandwidth, Northstar Host makes it easy and affordable to get your radio station on the web today!

    $495 Streaming Server Features:
  • Core 2 Duo Dell Computer
  • Pre-Installed Linux Operating System
  • Pre-Installed Streaming Encoder
  • 6 Months Secure Shoutcast Server
  • Shoutcast Admin Pro
  • No Monitor, Keyboard or Mouse required.
  • Power Failure Auto Restart
  • Included cables to connect to RCA or 3.5 Mini audio source

Northstar Host Support is available via Email, Gmail Chat, Voice Message and by using the "Live Help" application on the right side of this page. For support send email to or Google Chat You can also Phone 802-535-3944 or use the Live Chat at right.